Monday 11 May 2015

Weekly Gluten-free Dinner for Two #6

Weekly Gluten-free Dinner for Two #6 (04/05-10/05):
Total: £54.56
(+£39.83 cf.#5)
(appx. $84.15 / ¥10,312)

Total (excl. eat-out): £15.72
(= 13.48 + £2.24 avg. of 6days)
(+£0.99 cf.#5)
(appx. $24.24 / ¥2971)

* These are rough estimates of the dinner costs for me and darling David.
These often exclude seasonings, and other small amounts of ingredients (milk, oil, etc.).

Dinner: Meat ball tomato + vegetables + dried basil spaghetti :)

Total: £ 2.78 (£1.39 per person - appx. $2.12/¥262)*

Gluten-free spaghetti 200g: £0.54
Meat 250g: £0.90
Peppers 100g: £0.20
Onion 1: £0.16
Mushrooms 100g: £0.25
Spinach 100g: £0.20
Grated Cheese 25g: £0.14
Chopped tomatoes 390g: £0.39

Dinner: Singaporean chicken rice :) 

Total: £ 1.83 (£0.91 per person - appx. $1.40/¥172)*

Chicken thigh (skin-on, bone-in) 2: £0.90**
Rice 125g: £0.27
Lettuce 4 leaves: £0.12
Lime 1/2: £0.20
Tomato 1: £0.11
Cucumber 1/3: £0.23

Recipe --> :)

** Here I used these cheap British Chicken Thigh from TESCO (£2.25 for 5 pieces/1kg).

Eventually I felt very guilty for not buying free I googled how TESCO chickens are treated and I found this:
"Tesco chickens are reared by British farmers who are passionate about welfare and meet Red Tractor standards as well as our own stringent Agricultural Requirements. Our chickens are reared in houses with natural daylight and bales as studies have shown this type of enrichment improves the activity and wellbeing of the birds". 
(Source: TESCO website)
Alright, well enough.

But then I watched this video about TESCO's contract farm breeding free range chickens...

While it looks pretty packed, they all seem to look sane & enjoy whatever they are doing :)
And I especially loved now the chicken was sitting on Ann's lap while she was patting this adorable looking chicken :)

Is it me or the video like this doesn't make me want to eat chicken though I love it so much...

And imagine all those lovely chickens in tiny narrow houses...

Actually I've tried to be a vegetarian - or rather semi-vegetarian as I wasn't that strict - last year in London, but I stopped completely as I returned back to Japan for a break and started eating meat again.

Anyhow, I wish I had the strength to be a vegetarian or cash to get at least free range chicken all the time. But the reality is that it costs £3 (¥567) more expensive than the one I got, which would make this meal to cost £3.03 (+£1.20).

In addition to that, here chicken thighs are always cheaper than chicken breast, but the latter is more commonly eaten and always nicer. And when I compare the cost between them, I found out it's ridiculously expensive.

Tesco British Chicken Breast Portions 1kg: £6.51 (¥1230)
Tesco Free Range Chicken Breast Fillets 1kg: £13 (¥2457)

Sadly I don't think I can afford £13 (¥2457) chicken breast or even free range £5.25 (¥992/1kg) chicken thighs at this moment.


Dinner: Half tomato + half pesto cheesy pizza :) 

Total: £ 1.74 (£0.87 per person - appx. $1.33/¥164)*

Gluten-free flour 400g: £0.76
Milk 260ml: £0.12
Ham 2: £0.10
Tomatoes 2: £0.23
Pesto 2tbs.: £0.24
Grated cheese 50g: £0.29

Recipe for the pizza dough (with some updates) --> :D

I doubled the amount of ingredients and made two massive pizzas :)
We were so stuffed but was perfect as it was the International No Diet Day! :)

Dinner: Dine out @ Las Iguanas

Total: £ 41.08 (£20.54 per person - appx. $31.74/¥3,882)*

Gluten-free beer 3 bottles: £12 (£4/ per bottle)
Nachos: £6.90
Camarão a la criolla: £12.95
Sirloin Steak: £16.50

- 20% Food discount: -£7.27

My review of this restaurant --> :D

Dinner: Sausages & mashed potatoes with sesame spinach, peppers, and broccolis
Looks pretty dry as I cooked in the oven without adding any oil :D Also, as David prefers dry meal without any gravy, we had this with a pinch of salt & black peppers and a bit of mayonnaise :)
Total: £ 1.92 (£0.96 per person - appx. $1.48/¥181)*

Gluten-free frozen sausages 4: £0.77
Potatoes 5: £0.51
Broccolis 200g: £0.24
Peppers 100g: £0.20
Spinach 100g: £0.20

How I made the mashed potatoes --> :))

Dinner: Japanese gluten-free pork katsu(cutlet) curry :)

Total: £ 3.16 (£1.58 per person - appx. $2.44/¥298)*

Rice 150g: £0.33
Curry powder 30g: £0.29
Garlic: £0.06
Ginger: £0.09
000Pork loin steak 2: £1.33
Nestlé Gluten-free Cornflakes Cereal 20g: £0.08
Egg 1/2: £0.09
Potatoes 3: £0.31
Onion 1: £0.16
Broccolis 250g: £0.30
Lettuce 4 leaves: £0.12

Recipe --> :D

Dinner: Spanish omelette (potatoes + cheese + mushrooms + ham) with lettuce, tomatoes and broccolis

Total: £ 2.05 (£1.02 per person - appx. $1.58/¥193)*

Egg 3: £0.45
Potatoes 5: £0.51
Ham 2: £0.10
Mushrooms 100g: £0.25
Grated cheese 25g: £0.15
Lettuce 8 leaves: £0.24
Tomatoes 2: £0.23
Broccolis 100g: £0.12


WKD Original Alcohol 4% (700ml: £3.30) :D

We rarely drink but this week was special :)
And we somehow got this bottle right after having beers on Thursday as we found this in TESCO which was the only alcoholic item with 'Gluten-free' sign on it :)

I am incredibly weak against alcohol but I didn't even feel any in this :D
The taste was extremely sweet and it somehow reminded me of my childhood memory of this summer festival :D
(n.b. I didn't drink until the age of around 20!)

I still need to cook with something higher in nutritional values, and we need some nutritious non-refined grains.
At this moment, we are both losing weight though all we had for dinner for the last 6 weeks were like naughty meals from children's menu...:(

But, in order to seriously force myself into cooking healthy, I will soon order some healthy ingredients from Ocado & TESCO! :)
I'm so excited!

P.S. I'm finally happy with the blog design after altering so many aspects for so many times - at least I learnt a lot about HTML & CSS through this :)
I hope this new simple design is easy to read :)

This was the previous design - looks very cluttered :D
Now, I've made this 'Recipe Index' page on the side bar in the hope of making it a little bit easier to find some recipes - though there's only 10 there right now :D

Also, you can read more about me if you click the picture of young me wearing sunglasses, plus I've added my contact information as well so that you can easily get in tough with me if you have any questions or comments :)

Thank you so much for reading my blog! :)

Have a lovely week! :)



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