Saturday 9 May 2015

How to make mashed potatoes in less than 10 minutes!

So, we get both electricity & gas from Ecotricity, the green energy company :)
And it turned out that during March-April, we used £16.57 worth more gas than our energy tariff - which made the £40.57 gas bill in total.
But then when I look over how we used the gas that month, I was convinced as we used quite a lot of heating because it was still freezing cold here...then I was cooking in the oven and hub a lot...
I'm sure that it'll be cheaper this month as we never use heating any more :)
But I've decided to utilise microwave more to save energy as well as time :)

Now let me share how I am going to make energy-saving mashed potatoes - instead of boiling them for half an hour on the hob!

n.b. The time shown in the title excludes the time to peal & dice up potatoes.

or bowl with lid (cling film or plate)
+ microwave
+ fork (or masher)
5 small-medium size diced potatoes + 1 tbs. of water + a pinch of salt
6 minutes (high/max) in a microwave
Stir once
and put it back in the microwave for another 2 minutes

As soon as they all turn tender, mash it with fork
Add 1 tbs. of milk + 1tbs. of whatever you prefer (mayonnaise, butter, black peppers, double cream)



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