Wednesday 31 August 2016

Gluten-Free In-Flight Meal: Lufthansa (Dublin-Tokyo)

I just came back from a 10-day-trip home to Japan. :) I travelled from Dublin, via Frankfurt, to Tokyo - on Lufthansa economy class.. where I ordered gluten-free in-flight meals!
The flights cost €790 for a round trip: I checked the price with Google during the specific time period, and this was the cheapest on the day - it was the busy season! It could've been cheaper if I would have stayed in Tokyo until September.
So, here it goes my review of the gluten-free in-flight meal I had during my Frankfurt-Tokyo flight (LH716) on 18/08/2016.


今回のブログでは、帰国の際にルフトハンザの便(ダブリン−フランクフルト−東京)で頂いたグルテンフリー機内食についてのレビューを書いていきたいと思います( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Request special meal on the website 

On their website, you can make a dietary request, which I did for gluten free food. (On the desktop site, you can find the section from "Enter passenger details" --> "Option details" --> "Request special meal")
According to your dietary requirement, you can choose from the following: Diabetic diet・Fruit meal・Hindu meal・Kosher meal・Moselum meal・Gluten free food・Lactose free food・Light whole food・Low cholesterol food・Low sodium food・Meal without fish・Reduction food・Vegetarian meal・Vegan meal・Baby/kids food.




During the first 2 hour flight from Dublin to Frankfurt, they served us a sandwich and you could choose from either turkey or cheese. It was quite a surprise as I didn't expect that they would serve food for such a short journey (I am more used to Ryanair, you know!). But mind you, those weren't gluten free.



Then, during the 12-hour flight between Frankfurt and Tokyo, they served us both dinner and breakfast with a snack* at the beginning.
* In the Lufthansa flight, the snack has always been a little packet of pretzels -which contains wheat - so you have to either refuse it when offered or give it to someone who can eat gluten.

The gluten-free meal (dinner), was served a couple of hours after the departure. It was lovely how this flight attendant offered it to me with a big smile, and checked that I had ordered a special meal. :) It arrived around 10-15 minutes earlier than other passengers meals... for me, this made me feel kind of no one in my area had been served any food then. So, I waited until the people around me were served to begin. :D I guess this may be necessary, to make sure they don't have any mix up's though - luckily, it actually stayed very warm because I kept the lid on. :) For the record, my meal said gluten free on the lid of the main dish as well as having a little sticker saying GFML - and it also had my seat number on the container for the appetiser.

離陸から数時間後に配られる夕食。ここで、ようやくグルテンフリー食がやってきます。一般的な機内食が提供される10〜15分ほど前に、和かなアテンダントさんが持ってきてくださいました♪( ´▽`)しかし、まだどなたにも食事が提供されていない空気の中、少しフタを開けるだけでぷ〜んとメインの香りが漂い始めたので、結局周りの方がサーブされるまで手をつけられず…でもこれは確実に特別食を手渡すためにも仕方がないですよねヽ(;▽;)ノちなみにプレートには、しっかりとGFのサインが至る所に書かれていました。

The menu was different from the normal meals on the list we were handed! The major differences include:

  • Main dish (fish or beef)--> chicken breast
  • Tangerine Cake --> fresh fruits
  • Table roll --> rice bread

Main dish was called, Hähnchenbrust Kräutersauce (chicken in herb sauce). It tasted slightly like curry with coriander, but the flavour was very subtle - it went well with all the other dishes though..!

メニューに関してはデフォルトと異なり、鶏胸肉の1種類、味は全体的に薄味でした♪(´ε` )

And the bread..the taste and texture was quite like the dark German bread that I remember. :) 

The early bird gets the worm...oops!

Later...they served breakfast before landing, which I missed as I was still asleep.. :( Well, it was really my fault that I woke up just when the attendants were putting dishes away! So my review has to end apologies!

I guess it will be a good surprise for those of you who may be taking a Lufthansa flight soon, but my opinion is very high since the dinner was very satisfying - my only advice is to stay awake at least 3 hours before landing!

Anyhow, it was a great surprise since I've heard that the in-flight gluten free meal can know what I mean..:D I even prepared myself some fruits and snacks as I expected lots of rice cakes and less filling food.

夕食があまりにも予想を越える結果だったので、いざ朝食も!と意気込んでいましたが…最後の最後で眠りについてしまい…なんと…朝食を逃してしまいました_| ̄|○ *朝食をご希望の方は、早めに就寝し忘れず目覚ましをかけましょうε-(´∀`; )

往路はしっかり毎食食べられたので、次回のレビューを乞うご期待願います( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Here is my review of the flight meal on my return flight!
Hope you have a lovely day..!


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