Saturday 22 October 2016

Gluten-Free In-Flight Meal: Lufthansa Part. 2 (Tokyo-Dublin)

It's been a while since I last posted the review of Lufthansa's in-flight gluten free meal, during my Dublin-Frankfurt-Tokyo flight (you can read it here:

So... here is my quick review of the in-flight gluten free meal on my return flight (Tokyo-Frankfurt-Dublin)! :)

Gluten-free Dinner...

I'm sorry to say but, this meal was the most tasteless food I've ever had in my entire life!
(Dublin-Frankfurt-Tokyo in-flight dinner)
I was really excited by the look of the salmon and also, some kind of white fish (I looove fish!), but neither had any flavour at all, I mean... was it even fish? It definitely had lost all of the lovely fishy flavour that I adore (Well, some people might like it this way though...:D)!

I know from my experience that making meals *completely* gluten free for coeliacs in Japan is rather difficult - you will need to obtain gluten free soy sauce, stock, etc. - while almost all of the seasoning ingredients carry a risk of cross-contamination due to often being packaged on the same line as gluten-containing products. It would have been better I think, if they would have used some fresh herb to season it a bit more - the Dublin-Frankfurt-Tokyo in-flight dinner was much better in the way that they used more herbs for seasoning.

Still, the bread was quite delicious. :) It was gluten, lactose, egg, and soy free!
Funnily, my seat neighbour was a baker from Paris - we had a little chat about living on a gluten free diet. He was so curious about my rice bread that I gave him a slice - he said that the smell was not as pleasant as the wheat bread, but the consistency was ok. For me though, it was one of the best slices that I've ever had... especially with some margarine on top. :D

Snack Time 

For snacks, you could choose from having some cake, or onigiri (a rice ball with salmon filling).
As before on the outbound flight, it was handed out to everyone - which means that they do not check whether you have any dietary requirements or not. It's up to you whether to refuse or to take it.
If you are coeliac, you should get neither the onigiri nor cake (obviously!) to consume. In the case of onigiri, I assume that there might be a risk of cross-contamination in the salmon filling or seaweed paper - the label did not have any allergen information. 


I was really happy since I missed my breakfast on my outbound flight! Yes, this time, I made it!!

The breakfast was chicken thighs and vegetables in a starchy sauce, which had some watery rice underneath. Once again, it did not have much flavour - so I used the entire packet of salt that came with it (which I have never used before). I desperately wished that I had some soy sauce... but using salt seemed to resolve my problem, and it actually turned out quite good. The desert (peach jelly) and again, the rice bread - was lovely. :)


I liked it. And I ate it all. But, I personally needed some more flavour in each dish. I definitely recommend you to bring some of your favourite seasonings with you on a flight (e.g. little packets of gluten free soy sauce from Itsu or Wasabi would be amazing!). And not just for the flight - I would suggest this anyway for when you are visiting Japan, since I found obtaining gluten free soy sauce to not be an easy task.

Anyhow! This was my review of the gluten free in-flight meal on Lufthansa (Dublin-Frankfurt-Tokyo). :) I hope you liked it!


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