Friday, 3 April 2015

My very first Blog Post!

Heya :)

My name is Ayaka, a 24 year-old Japanese girl living and studying in the UK.

My favourite season -Spring in Japan...!

I love people, animals, nature, music, and last but not least...FOOD!

I will write about everyday life story & gluten-free cookings for my beloved partner, David who has coeliac disease + some Japanese cuisine from the city of Brighton :)

My kitchen in Brighton -Tiny but spacious enough to cook creative meals :)

So, I have been living in the UK for a year and a half now - I used to live in London, then Portsmouth and now Brighton. I've been so in love with this country, people are nice, weather is not as bad as I imagined, and food is much much much better than I thought it would be! But what I always get astounded by is how EVERYTHING is so expensive here compared to some of the prices in Tokyo, Japan.

For instance, one 500ml bottled coke in the UK costs £1.25 from TESCO, which I think is the cheapest as far as I know whereas in Japan, it only costs ¥120 or sometimes ¥99, which is 1/2 the price!

Apart from me grumbling about food expenses by always calculating prices in comparison to Japanese Yen...

we are generally happy with the quality of food we eat everyday as we enjoy cooking and we come across wider range of gluten-free options here in Brighton! (Although of course, we still have to pay extra for gluten-free diet :) )

So, ever since I came here, I have been indulging myself in how to save money as well as living a life without any gluten or fizzy drinks, which I believe a way to have a healthy lifestyle :)

Although I am neither an expert in cooking gluten-free food nor in saving money -plus let me apologise in advance for any linguistic errors or any errors in general...

I wish to share things that I try & find interesting here in Brighton with you sometimes in English, other times in Japanese or both :)

David & his Toy Piano... <3




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