Saturday 25 April 2015

Recipe #6 - Gluten-free easy-lazy 89p sausage pizza!

Gluten-free sausage pizza

The other day, we got this lovely block of cheddar cheese for only £2 :)

As I was grating it and thinking what I can cook with, I started to have this craving for a nice crusty pizza! :)

As I love making pizza in general, I've made gluten-free pizza once, which wasn't too bad as far as I remember :D

Nonetheless, I was always thinking my homemade pizza cannot compete with delicious pizza at some restaurants - especially the one from this Italian restaurant we've been to on our holiday in Gran Canaria, which I cannot recall the name of the place :D

Though the fact that being able to eat any kind of pizza while on gluten-free is such a joy, they are always somehow smaller or thinner than normal pizza.

But now that I've been making lots of gluten-free pastries and bread, it seems like my pizza making skill has been improved, and now think homemade pizza can be much much better in many ways!

So, here is my recipe* for a very easy-lazy & cheap pizza (two small-medium size pizza for less than £2! Yay!) that David loved so much that he kept oohing the entire time :D

* Though there seems to be a certain way of making gluten-free pizza dough, I tried to make it in a way as I always made normal wheat-based pizza dough, which worked absolutely fine with gluten-free flour :) Also, as I don't have any fancy equipments like electronic mixers, all I used here is a bowl, spoon, and my right hand :D




For pizza dough
● 200g of plain white flour*
● 1/2 teaspoon of xantham gum
● 1 teaspoon of baking powder
● A pinch of salt
1 tablespoon of butter
2 teaspoons of sugar
7g of yeast
130 ml of warm milk
1 tablespoon of oil
1 teaspoon of white wine vinegar 
For toppings2 sausages
2 tomatoes, sliced
Some Mr. Basil
As much mayonnaise & ketchup & grated cheese as you prefer!
* Here, I used Dove's Plain White Flour (£1.88 / 1kg).




Firstly, mix together all the ● :)
And put a tablespoon of butter, and mix thoroughly with finger tips until it looks a little bit like the beach sand in a hot summer - please see the picture for a better description :D

Then, add the rest of dry ingredients (sugar & yeast) and mix well.

After that, add oil & vinegar, and slowly pour warm milk into the mixture :)
Blend it well until it becomes like a lovely dough rather than a batter :D

Let it rest for 30 minutes with wet tea towel on.
If you have time, you can leave it for an hour or so, but just 30 minutes was totally fine as well :)

Ops! I forgot mayonnaise :D

While waiting for the dough to prove, let's prepare for the toppings! :D

This is the best part of making pizza where we can choose what we want to put on the top, innit? :)

Luckily, we had 2 opened sausages left in the freezer, so I took out the meat from the skin and made a tiny little balls - otherwise this would've been margarita pizza :D

Also, I used tomatoes & frozen Mr. Basil - though he still tastes great, you might notice how he changed his colour in the next photo of him :) 

I guess I could've made smaller but thicker :D But was great with crusty outside yet moist inside :)
♪ ♪ ♪

For the sauce, as this is an easy & lazy pizza, I just squeezed some ketchup & mayonnaise on the dough, mixed and spread it with spoon :D

Then, put your favourite toppings...:D

...and bake in the preheated oven (220℃) for 30 minutes!


Tonight's Gluten-free Pizza Dinner for Two Total:
£1.79! (appx. ¥332 / $2.72)*

Flour: £0.38 / 200g (£1.88 / 1kg)
Milk: £0.06 / 130 ml (£1 / 4pint)
Sausages: £0.83 / 2 sausages (£5 / 12 sausages)
Tomatoes: £0.23 / 2 tomatoes (£0.69 / 6 tomatoes)
Grated cheese: £0.29 / 50g (£2 / 350g)
Basil: :D

* This excludes other ingredients.

This certainly proves making own gluten-free pizza is fun, delicious and wallet-friendly!

I hope you will have some lovely gluten-free pizza time :)

I found some pictures of me & my brother making pizza!haha

It's funny how I'm just looking at it while my brother is working hard like a real pizza chef :D hahaha

7th, May, 2015
For some special occasion, I've made this very cheeky one :)
I doubled all the ingredients and was absolutely delicious!
It made two quite big-sized pizzas but we finished them all :D


Since I didn't use sausages, it was cheaper as well :D

Gluten-free Cheeky 50/50 Pizza for Two Total:
£1.74! (appx. ¥328/$2.65)*

Flour: £0.76 / 400g (£1.88 / 1kg)
Milk: £0.12 / 260 ml (£1 / 4pint)
Ham: £0.10 / 2 slices (£5 / 12 sausages)
Tomatoes: £0.23 / 2 tomatoes (£0.69 / 6 tomatoes)
Pesto: £0.24 / 2 tbs. (£1.53 / 190g)
Grated cheese: £0.29 / 50g (£2 / 350g)
Basil: :D



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