Friday 23 September 2016

New Gluten Free Peroni Beer & Carluccio's Pasta | グルテンフリービール

Celebration time...! Our favourite Italian beer brand (Peroni Nastro Azzurro) has just recently launched a new gluten-free beer in the UK! :)

This beer has been developed in partnership with Carluccio's, the Italian restaurant situated around the UK - so we can now enjoy this delicious beer alongside some lovely authentic Italian food. :)

(Carluccio's has also been approved by Coeliac UK for its gluten-free menu, and has been serving gluten free pasta since 2008. You can take a look at their GF menu right here >> GF Menu@London, Covent Garden)

I recently received a beautiful hamper basket from the kind guys at Peroni/Carluccio's, containing a few bottles of the new gluten-free beer, a 'superior quality' olive oil named "Le Due Sorrelle", some Carluccio's balsamic vinegar in a stylish, slim bottle, some gluten-free casarecce pasta - and a classy packet of flavourful porcini mushrooms to try out. :)

So, here goes... my initial review on the new Peroni gluten-free beer (and Carluccio's gluten-free pasta)!


Peroni Nastra Azzurro Gluten Free

"Peroni’s Italian brew masters have perfected a new gluten free recipe for Italy’s most iconic beer – without compromising on taste. Peroni Nastro Azzurro Gluten Free has the same delicate balance of bitterness and citrus aromatic notes as Peroni Nastro Azzurro, as well as the trademark refreshing, clean finish – but simply contains no gluten. The new Gluten Free beer has been certified and endorsed by the Italian Coeliac Association and will enable even more people the chance to enjoy the great taste of Peroni Nastro Azzurro." (Source:
Ok... so yes, it tasted heavenly good. Anyone who has tried Peroni will know what I mean... because it's really, amazingly, not that different at all!

It really does taste just like the description above; I would only have to add that it is very satisfying going down - just the right amount of thirst-quenching when taken with food. And it really brings a smile to the lips.

My partner even left me a comment to write on this post:
"Practically identical to the taste of regular Peroni, many of which I've enjoyed alongside a nice pizza in various Italian pizzerias. :)"

In the past, I have personally found some of the gluten free beer to be too sweet, as if drinking lemonade - but this beer just really feels so right, with just the right amount of bitterness. I actually find the flavour so refreshing that it could go well with any type of food. My preference would be to have it with aglio olio e peperoncino - but anything mild and creamy would really match with it, just as well.

The great news is that this Peroni GF beer is now available at Caluccio's restaurants in the UK - I've also heard that you will be able to get them from TESCO soon! :) It's going to be priced at £4.25/330ml bottle, which is pretty much what I would expect for a GF beer of premium quality. I also think it's superb that the Italian coeliac association has approved this product as being safe for coeliacs.

The bad news... currently we cannot easily purchase it outside of the UK/Italy. Fingers crossed that it will become available in more territories soon!



Carluccio's Gluten Free Pasta

...As for Carluccio's pasta? Also delicious, with such a lovely texture. Straight out of the pan, very reminiscent to my palette of eating at a good Italian restaurant - which just goes to show that the quality of ingredients counts for so much.

And, since I also received some of Carluccio's dried porcini slices, I decided to make this pasta with a porcini mushroom cream sauce, which finished off the plate wonderfully.

(If interested, you can find the recipe that I followed here:

In this recipe, the reserved mushroom liquid and fresh thyme & parsley really made the sauce complete.




Usually, when eating creamy pasta, you may want to have a glass of white wine, but honestly... it was so complementary to have this dish with a Peroni beer that it certainly proves where it was produced -
the combination of the two brought us to the streets of Italy.

The next time we open another of these bottles... we shall have to try it with some gluten-free pizza! :)


Overall, it was such a great experience trying out this new gluten-free beer and pasta combination that we cannot wait to go to Carluccio's ourselves to have another bottle alongside a gluten-free meal.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, do let me know what you think when you try out this new beer..!
Also, perhaps you know of any other brands of gluten-free beer that you enjoy to drink? If so, then I look forward to hearing about them!



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