Sunday 20 September 2015

Recipe #15 - Gluten-free Quiche・米粉キッシュ



  Here is the recipe of my absolute favourite gluten-free quiche!
It is an easy, buttery, flaky, and reasonably cheap gluten-free quiche recipe - and at £1.23/a piece, just perfect for your brunch, or afternoon tea with pals! :)



First, for the gluten-free shortcrust pastry,

・200g rice flour*,
・100g butter, chilled
・1 large egg white (only the albumen, not the yolk).

For the filling,

・3 large eggs,
・140ml of semi-skimmed milk,
・50g cheese (I used mature cheddar cheese),
・1 tablespoon of butter
・1 red onion,
・4 baby potatoes - steamed,
・handful of spinach - boiled,
・a pinch of salt.

For the toppings,

・6 vine tomato,
・1/2 courgette, sliced,
・some grated cheese,
・1 large egg yolk.

Kitchen utensils,

・1 large bowl,
・Baking tin - round 20.5cm,
・Baking sheets - for rolling out the pastry,
・Rolling pin (I used a paper tube of the used cling film),
・Frying pan, to fry onions
・Sauce pot, to boil spinach,
・A small bowl, to steam potatoes,
・Weighing Scales,
・Fork and spoons, to mix.

* I used the Doves Farm's Free From Gluten Rice Flour :)


Directions: GF Shortcrust Pastry


1. In a large bowl, add the flour and the butter. 
Rub the butter into the flour until it resembles breadcrumbs, then add the egg white to help bind the dough together.

2. Knead the mixture into a firm dough ball with your hands. Once done, let it chill in the refrigerator for around 10 minutes.
Pre-heat the oven to 180℃, and then prepare the baking sheets to roll out - and butter the baking tins for baking. 

3. Roll out the pastry on the baking sheets, or on the floured surface.

4. Put the pastry into the buttered baking tin (20.5cm)*, and bake for 30 minutes in a preheated oven (180℃).

* It is quite difficult to take the pastry off of the baking sheet, once it's rolled out thinly. We need to put it into the tin - but in peeling it off, it tends to crumble up. If this happens to you, what I would suggest is to gently place the tin upside-down on-top of the pastry - and then, with the tin on-top, place one hand on the tin and the other to hold the baking sheet - and flip it all over. You can now gently peel off the baking sheet from the pastry. Next, gently press the pastry into the edge of the tin.
I poked holes in the bottom of the pastry with a fork - in order to let the air out between the pastry and the tin, so that it will keep the base flat.
This is the GF shortcrust pastry after 30 minutes of baking - lightly golden, but not too much - since we will bake it again with the fillings, shortly.


Directions: Fillings


1. While the pastry is busy baking, peel the potatoes, and then steam them until soft (around 10 minutes in a microwave). And while the potatoes are steaming, boil the spinach and fry the onions with a tablespoon of butter and a pinch of salt - then prepare the rest of the vegetables.

2. To prepare the filling mixture, combine the eggs, milk, and grated cheese, and then add the vegetables. Stir well.

3. Pour the filling mixture into the baked pastry and cover it with some more cheese.

4. Finally top with your favourite vegetables, and brush the egg yolk around the crust.
Bake in the pre-heated oven (180℃) for 40-50 minutes, or until set.
Tadaaa :D
ヽ(▽`)ノワーイ♪ヽ(´▽`)ノワーイ♪ヽ( ´▽)ノ
It's nicely flaky, buttery... yet very light and delicious! :D 

Price of this gluten-free quiche (whole):
£4.95 ($7.69/¥915)

£1.23/a piece ($1.91/一切れ¥227)

( ´∀`)・ω・) ゜Д゜)・∀・) ̄ー ̄)´_ゝ`)Σ(´ⅴ`lll)微妙っっ!

< Breakdown >
Doves Farm Free From Gluten Rice Flour (200g): £ 1.36
Country Life Butter (100g): £0.72
Large Eggs (4): £0.60
Semi-skimmed Milk (140ml): £0.06
Grated cheddar cheese (50g): £0.29
Red Onion (1): £0.16
Baby Potatoes (4): £0.40
Spinach (100g): £0.20
Pome dei Moro tomatoes (6): £1.00 
Courgette (1/2): £0.16

I guess I would call this a "rather reasonably cheap quiche" - considering it's gluten-free, and especially when comparing it with a store-bought GF quiche or ones from the café (for example, the "No.G Gluten Free Quiche Lorraine for 1 130g", which is £2.69 from Waitrose).

Certainly, I strongly do recommend this tasty recipe for those of you on a gluten-free diet, who miss that lovely flaky shortcrust pastry! :)

I am sure this will satisfy your stomach - as well as your wallet!



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