Tuesday 2 June 2015

My favourites #2 - Organic Burst Maca Powder

Organic Burst Maca Powder

Here's my apology for not uploading any posts for a while...
I have been quite preoccupied with my studies and plans for the future while having the chance to meet so many incredibly amazing people :)

As you can see, the Weekly Gluten-free Dinner for Two has been on hold for the past 2 weeks - but will be back from next Monday :) It's because I have lost my appetite for quite a while - and I have only eaten, literally, toasties or warm porridge for dinner :D

Anyhow, here is my post about Organic Burst Maca Powder, one of my recent favourites!

Nowadays my mood has been going through a lot of up-and-downs.
Recently, I heard about this Organic Burst Maca Powder while watching my favourite YouTuber's video on the train. I googled about it and found these 3 wonderful benefits (out of many others) that I did fancy in particular :)
  • Boosts energy & stamina
  • Helps calm down nerves that cause stress
  • Stabilises hormones*
* It is said that it can also help irregular menstrual cycle. :)
n.b. If you are pregnant or breast feeding a child, it is advised to avoid taking maca powder.

Although I'd always been reluctant about taking pills or supplements that claim to work on one's hormones or nerves, I decided to give this a try because it is an organic and traditionally-proven superfood - and it's gluten-free too! :)
So, we take 1-2 teaspoons of maca powder daily by mixing it into drinks, yoghurt, porridge or other cooked meals :) Also, since it doesn't have a strong flavour (it tastes slightly like malt or caramel), maca powder seems to go well with pretty much anything :) Obviously, this may vary though, since the sense of taste differs person to person.

Funnily enough, even though it hasn't been long at all since we started taking it, we have already been feeling more energised :) And I'm excited to see how many more benefits this maca powder will bring to our everyday life!

If you are interested, I would highly recommend to search for maca powder to get to know more about it, and hopefully you can give it a try :)

P.S. I've made this delicious gluten-free chocolate cake with a couple of teaspoons of this amazing maca powder --> Recipe :)

I hope you are having a great week :)



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