Sunday 12 April 2015

The story of Mr. Basil

The story begins with me forgetting the fact that I forgot to water Mr. Basil the previous morning...

When we woke up, we were surprised how Mr. Basil withered so much that reminded us of Superman when he gets weak against kryptonite...

"What did I do wrong?"

Little did I know that I just forgot to water him, I soon recalled one of my terrifying growing history - a horrible one when I killed this cactus that David gave me - we called him "Mr. P".

What went wrong in his case was how I tried to use the method of hydroponic for him ended as a failure. Basically, I somehow did it wrong - perhaps the room was too humid as well - and eventually Mr. P started to get "cancer" all over in his body. He seemed alright in appearance except his root but when we cut him open, it was too late for us to save him.*

* Some people might be skeptical about growing cactus hydroponically, but there are people successfully convert into hydroponic system following the procedures & keep their cactus healthy.

So, in that morning, I feared for my ability to deprive the life of plants again.

Thinking about those memories, I gave him some water & moved him to the place where he can get a little bit of sun light - as there was no light in the kitchen anymore. And I took these photos for the memory of Mr. Basil.

Then, when I checked him a couple of hours later thinking about the worst case scenario of me finding him completely withered & brown, and of us missing fresh basil supply for the rest of our meals....

I found out that he was resurrected!
He was just thirsty! :D Hooray!

- It was so impressive though how he suddenly transformed himself from this morning's down-hearted sad look into full of vitality! He's become a totally different basil since this morning!

Here is the lesson of today:
  • Do not forget to water Mr. Basil
  • Always appreciate & never underestimate the power of nature :D

...And so we'll live happily ever after - and our dinner will have more basil.

~ the end ~

Cheers! :D


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