Friday 24 April 2015

ASDA Grocery Shopping Haul :D

One of my recent hobby is to check ASDA Grocery website and add whatever products I want to buy in my trolly! :)

...well, when I actually write it, it sounds somehow very sad haha :D

Anyway, when I checked my trolly yesterday, it was over £100 ($150 / ¥18,000), and because we've almost run out of food in our flat, I finally ordered ASDA home delivery as the nearest ASDA is 3.5 miles away :)

Since our monthly grocery expense is set as £140 - the very maximum, including all the toiletries, I reduced my list of products to £76.89 which I could then reduce to £71.89 ($109 / ¥13,500)by using my eVouchers, £5 off + free delivery* :)

* I got these discounts only because they forgot some of the products I ordered when I had them delivered the last time. What a lovely customer service, isn't it?

n.b. Now I would like to make a small excuse on getting cheap products :) Though I do want to choose organic & free-range goods and much healthier & better quality food as much as possible, my main focus at the moment here in the UK when it comes to grocery shopping is to survive while saving a penny as long as I'm still a full-time student. So, this list might not be helpful for those who doesn't want to compromise the quality for offence though to those cheap own-brand products as they are lovely in my opinion :)

Anyhow, now that I've got everything delivered, here's my little ASDA Haul :D

n.b. Products with ● are the ones from ASDA's Free from section :) Other products, like chips have gluten-free sign on ASDA's website, and most others are confirmed as gluten-free or not-suspicious from its individual websites as far as I checked.

Let's start with...
Household Supplies:

George Home Clip Lid Fridge Jug 1.6l: £2.50 (£2.50/each)

ASDA All Purpose Cling Film 30 Metres 30x350: £1.65, reduced to £1.00 (3.3p/mr)

ASDA Smartprice Smart Price Kitchen Towels 4 roll: £1.38 (34.5p/each)

I got this Fridge Jug for storing homemade cereals - this is impressive as it's durable for fridge, freezer and even microwave, though I'm not planning to put it in a microwave at all! :)

The quality of kitchen towels & cling film isn't amazing, but can still do the job, and it's very cheap!

and Honey!
Asda Chosen By You Pure Clear Honey 454g: £1.45 (31.9p/100g)

ASDA Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml: £1.75 (35.0p/100ml)

Knorr Chicken Stock Cubes 8's: £1.49 (£1.86/100g)

ASDA Organic Whole Black Pepper 50g: £1.48 (29.6p/10g)

ASDA Cooking Salt 3kg: £1.15 (38.3p/kg)

ASDA Garlic Granules 115g: £0.98 (8.5p/10g)

ASDA Cayenne Pepper 40g: £0.79 (19.8p/10g)

ASDA Ground Cinnamon 34g: £0.49 (14.4p/10g)

So, this ASDA Organic Whole Black Pepper doesn't have a mill to grind it. Though the black pepper I currently use is not refillable, I opened it with a table knife and refilled it, which was easy, could save money, and still have half the pepper left :)

Here comes another little story of this poor Schwartz Tikka Powder...
ASDA gave us this as substitution* for ASDA Tikka Curry Powder - 92g: £1.15 (12.5p/10g), but I found out that this contains wheat...:( The delivery man gently asked us whether we are alright with this, but I was too excited to check the label, and confirmed it - because I compromised with cheaper own-brand instead of getting nice Schwartz Curry Powder which was around 70ps more expensive when I ordered initially :D As I ignorantly opened it already to smell - which was lovely as I thought, I guess he'll have to stay deep inside our cupboard...

* On ASDA's website, they ask you whether you would like to get substitutions or refund when the product is out of stock, and I remember there is a space where you can state your preference - where I thought I put gluten-free products...oh well, it's my fault anyways. Never mind ne :)

For Tomato Sauce:

ASDA Tomato Puree 200g: £0.49 (24.5p/100g)

Asda Chosen By You Italian Chopped Tomatoes in Tomato Juice 390g: £0.39 (£1.00/kg)

This Chopped Tomatoes is excellent :) I've been getting this ever since I started to shop at ASDA. It's easy to open, just a right amount for two, and the size & taste of tomatoes are lovely too :)


ASDA Salad Tomatoes 6pk: £0.69 (11.5p/each)

ASDA White Mushrooms 400g: £1.00 (£2.50/kg)

ASDA Chosen By You Sliced Mixed Peppers 500g: £1.00 (£2.00/kg)

ASDA Ready to Eat Bananas 6pk: £0.97 (16.2p/each)

ASDA Garlic 4pk: £0.84 (21.0p/each)

I usually get vegetables from local markets or the Co-operative because I can use student NUS card and get 10% off there, but as we eat these a lot, it's also nice to get it very cheap :)

Dairy & Eggs:

ASDA Eggs Large Free Range 12pk: £2.25 (18.8p/each)

ASDA Fresh Milk Semi Skimmed 6pt: £1.30 (38.1p/lt)

ASDA Chosen by You British Mature Cheddar 500g: £2.44 (£4.88/kg)

Anchor Original Butter Spreadable 1kg: £5.98, reduced to £3.47 (£3.47/kg)

ASDA Greek Style Yogurt with Honey 450g: £0.90 (20.0p/100g)

Anchor Butter is my second favourite after Lurpak Butter, but I couldn't resist to get this massive spreadable butter on a great offer :)

Also, I got this block of cheese, which I shred it and freeze later :) Since I started to shred blocks of cheese myself, I've noticed the huge difference in flavour between pre-shredded cheese and self-shredding-cheese! The latter is much more tasteful + it doesn't include any additives, which is another big plus :)


Birds Eye 10 Original Potato Waffles 567g: £1.50 (£2.65/kg)

Birds Eye Mashtags 456g: £1.75 reduced to £0.93 (£2.04/kg)

McCain 5% Fat Straight Cut Oven Chips 1.5kg: £2.50 (£1.67/kg)

These are our monthly supply of lovely gluten-free frozen chips in all shapes :)
I love to get Mashtags only because it's funny how David starts to say "Arigato-gozaimas#tags (Thank you in Japanese)" :D haha


Princes Tuna Chunks in Brine 4x160g: £4.00, reduced to £2.94 (65.6p/100g)

ASDA SmartPrice Pork & Beef Mince 500g: £1.81 (£3.62/kg)

Butcher's Selection 6 Pork Loin Steaks 660g: £4.00 (£6.06/kg)

ASDA Chosen by You Cook From Frozen Chicken Breast Chunks 850g: £4.00

I often get fish at nearby TESCO, so I always get meat from ASDA :) I've tried some already frozen chicken, but this one from ASDA is the nicest so far :)

Frozen Food & Sausages:

● Butcher's Selection Gluten Free 8 Pork Sausages 400g: £1.55 (£3.88/kg)

● Dohertys Gluten Free Sausages 454g: £2.00, reduced to £1.50 (£3.30/kg)

● Young's Wheat & Dairy Free Fish Fingers 300g: £2.18 (£7.27/kg)

We haven't had these for a long time, but why not :) These frozen fish fingers are so crispy and delicious!

Pasta & Rice:

ASDA Chosen by You Easy Cook Basmati White Rice 1kg: £1.48 (£1.48/kg)

● ASDA Gluten Free Pasta Penne 500g: £1.35 (£2.70/kg)

● ASDA Chosen By You Gluten Free Spaghetti 500g: £1.35 (27.0p/100g)

These are the cheapest & the most delicious gluten-free pasta we can get around here :)

Gluten-free Flour:

● ASDA Chosen By You Gluten Free Plain Flour 1kg: £1.65 (£1.65/kg)

● ASDA Chosen By You Gluten Free Self Raising Flour 1kg: £1.50 (£1.50/kg)

● ASDA Gluten Free White Sauce Mix 25g: £0.38 (£1.52/100g)

This is my first time to get gluten-free flour from ASDA, so I'm excited to give it a try :)

Cereals & Treats:

● ASDA Free From Pure Porridge Oats 450g: £2.40 (53.3p/100g)

● Nestle Gluten Free Honey Cornflakes Cereal 500g: £2.18 (43.6p/100g)

● ASDA Gluten Free Chocolate Digestives biscuits 200g: £1.30 (65.0p/100g)

● Pom Bear Original 6x19g: £1.58 (26.3p/each)

This Nestle's gluten-free honey cornflakes cereal takes like Frosties! :D

I'll freeze these food so that we can take more time to consume :)

So, this was my ASDA Grocery Shopping Haul! :)
I assume this will last for quite a while - though we will still have to get fresh vegetables & fruits :) Now that our fridge, freezer and cupboard are almost full, I'm excited to cook and try new things!

Thank you for reading this :)
And thank you ASDA :)!



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