Tuesday 28 April 2015

Gluten-free Lab #1.2 - Dove's gluten-free loaf -Crumpets?

Conclusion: Breadmaking with plain gluten-free flour is difficult.

Last week, I made this white loaf using Dove's Gluten-free Plain White Flour, which turned out very very crumbly as I over-activated the raising agents.

Perhaps I have just been conceited making an easy & tasty bread loaf with Juvela's White Mix, and eating delicious Genius bread all the time before...

...but I just cannot be happy with the cake-like gluten-free bread loaf.
So yesterday, I gave it another try :)

The end result was better than the last time in terms of its taste & texture, but is still somewhat missing the right amount of density and softness, and definitely needs more improvement.*

* The next time, I want to reduce the amount of liquid to make a dough rather than a batter and increase the amount of xanthan gum although it might turn out to be a total disaster :D

This blogpost series of "Gluten-Free Lab #1" may continue with files of unsuccessful experiments.

Anyways, here is another recipe report of my "experiment" to make a perfect gluten-free white loaf with plain flour :D

(Lines in red are modified since the 1st attempt)

● 420g of Dove’s Gluten-Free Plain White Flour
● 2 + 1/8 teaspoons xanthan gum
● 2 teaspoons of baking powder (-2tsp.)
● 1 teaspoon of salt
● 4 tablespoons of sugar
● 12g of yeast
▲ 350 ml warm milk (-5ml)
▲ 2 teaspoons of white wine vinegar
▲ 60 ml of sunflower oil
▲ 2 large eggs (used medium size the last time)


1. Combined all the ● ingredients in a large bowl, and ▲ into another.

2. gently poured the ▲ mixture into ● mixture, and mixed well to make a batter* :)
* Here, I did not activate yeast in warm milk & 1 tbs. sugar in advance.

3. And made it rest for 25minutes (-5mins) without any cover on top.

(Here's the 1st picture taken at 00:00:00.)
(2nd picture taken at 00:19:30)
(3rd picture taken at 00:25:00)

4. Then, baked in pre-heated oven (220℃) for 30 minutes, and another 10 minutes with foil on the top (-10 minutes):)

I guess the last five minutes of fermentation was not necessary as it again overflowed in the oven after 30 minutes :D

Here's the loaf right out from the oven after 40 minutes :)
Similar from the last time, but looks rather tougher :D
And slightly yellowish since I added 2 large eggs :)
But still the outside of the bottom part is identical to a sponge cake...ummm

It definitely makes less crumbles compared to the last attempt, but still is fragile and does not quite have the same consistency of a normal wheat-based bread loaf.

Apart from this unsatisfying texture, somehow the taste improved so much! :)
I thought the last loaf tasted alright but now that I tried a better one, I reckon it was too much baking powder that made the taste a tiny little bit weird..:D 

Also, as baking powder & yeast creates a lot of bubbles in the loaf, I have to adjust the amount again to make it less crumbling.

When it comes to that, I might have to think about the amount of xanthan gum as well - possibly increase the amount so that I believe it will be more dense - but have to be careful with the amount as it can easily make the baked stuff too chewy....

Gluten-free breadmaking is like a scientific experiment, isn't it? :)
It's exciting yet so hard to find the right amount to make it a perfect combination!

This bread definitely tastes much better but in more like a gluten-free crumpet way! :D
Wikipedia on Crumpets...

And I put them in this useful £1 Food container from Poundland :D

I wonder what kind of white loaf the next one will be like :D
Thanks for your patience!

To be continued...



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