Wednesday 22 April 2015

Recipe #5 - Gluten-free teriyaki rice burger!

Here's my recipe for Gluten-free Teriyaki Rice Burger :)
As I had some minced meat left in the freezer - which I always get from ASDA (500g for £1.81) and freeze 250g each - I made gluten-free teriyaki rice burgers for a change from normal ones!

Though it was very difficult for me to eat this without knife & fork, this would make a perfect picnic food for this season if you are confident with your burger eating skills :)



For rice buns for two
150g of Arborio Rice
180ml of waterA pinch of salt
1/3 teaspoon of sesame oil 
For 2 patties
250g of minced beef & pork
1 teaspoon of garlic powder
Salt & pepper
1 medium egg 
For teriyaki sauce
2 tablespoons of gluten-free soy sauce
2 tablespoons of Mirin (sweet rice wine)
1 + 1/2 tablespoons of sugar 
Lettuce & Tomatoes




Season minced meat with garlic powder, salt & pepper, and mix until well blended.
Then add 1 egg, mix it well again possibly with hands, and let it rest while preparing for the rice!

After the rice is cooked, let it cook down, and season it with a pinch of salt & 1/3 teaspoon of sesame oil :)

Once it's cooled, try to make flat version of rice balls :D

Then, fry them while gently pressing with wet fish slice or turner or...whatever you call it until the outside is golden-crispy :)

While the rice is getting crispy, form the meat into round shape, and fry it with high heat until it's nicely brown on each side, and reduce the heat to medium or lower with a lid on until it's well-cooked :)

After the burgers are done, pour the teriyaki sauce mixture into the pan, and gently heat up with low heat until the sauce gets thicker :)
Serve the teriyaki sauced patty on the rice bun & lettuce with some mayonnaise & more teriyaki sauce + your favourite side dishes, and...bon appetite! :)

Tonight's Gluten-free Rice Burger Dinner For Two Total:
£2.35 (appx. ¥437)! :)*

Rice: £0.33 / 150g (£1.10 / 500g)
Meat: £0.90 / 250g (£1.81 / 500g)
Egg: £0.15  / 1 egg (£1.75 / 12 medium)
Lettuce: £0.12 / 4 leaves (£0.49 / Whole)
Tomato: £0.11 / 1 tomato (£0.69 / 6 tomatoes) 
Broccolis: £0.12 / 100g (£1.10 / 900g)
Chips: £0.62 / 375g (£2.50 / 1.5kg)

* This excludes the costs of seasonings & oil.
Also, I mainly got ingredients from either ASDA or TESCO.

Gluten-free rice burger
gluten-free rice burger



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