Sunday 19 April 2015

Recipe #3 - Rice balls rolled in teriyaki bacon :)

Rice balls rolled in teriyaki bacon

Soy sauce is indispensable for Japanese cuisine.
But for those who have coeliac disease or wheat allergy, it's something to avoid as most of the normal soy sauce contains gluten.
But this doesn't mean you will never have Japanese food :)
 Here I make rice balls rolled in teriyaki bacon using gluten-free soy sauce! :)

Ingredients for 2 balls:

Wet & lightly salted hands :)
4 rashers of thin sliced unsmoked bacon*
A bowl of rice

For the sauce:
1 tablespoon of gluten-free soy sauce
1 tablespoon of Mirin (sweet rice wine)
1 + 1/2 tablespoon of sugar
Salt & Pepper

* I highly recommend to use very thinly sliced pork loin or belly if you can find them. In Japan, I always used paper-thin pork as almost every supermarket has them. Though I use unsmoked bacon here as that's the thinnest sliced pork that I can easily get here in the UK, please be aware that using bacon can be a bit too salty sometimes, but they are still lovely in my opinion :)

These paper-thinly sliced pork loins are for Japanese traditional cuisine, pork shabu-shabu, but can be used in many dishes :)

Firstly, prepare your hands by making them wet with water, and rub them with a little bit of salt :)*

* Please make sure your hands are wet enough otherwise each grain of rice will stick to your hands and will be difficult to make rice balls :D

Put preferable amount of rice on your hand, and hold them rather tightly with both of your hands to make a barrel-shaped rice ball :)

And put the rice ball on the centre of bacon, and fold the corners of the bacon over onto the rice ball to cover the top & bottom of the ball.

Do the same with another rasher of bacon for the sides of the rice ball as well :)

After that, pour some olive oil in the pan, and fry the jointed part first so that bacon will not fall apart :)

Make sure to heat the bacon enough by rolling them over :)

I should've cooked these bacon longer to make them nicely brown but I was inpatient :D ops...
When the bacon is well-cooked & nicely brown, pour the teriyaki sauce mixture into the pan, and coat it around the rice ball :)

When the sauce gets thicker, it's done! :D 

It's lovely to have them with a sprinkle of sesame seeds on top, and eat them together with some lettuce :)
Also, this can be a great obento lunch box filler!
It's very filling and gives lots of energy for the day :D



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